From: Judy Weaver

Stella is so sweet. Ty for making are family whole again. My jack Russell Conner loves her.

Great dog!

From: Jerry Evangelists

Nearly 10 years ago my family and I lost our beloved golden retriever, tassie, to cancer. She was nearly 11. We decided to save a puppy and put an add online for a female golden/ lab retriever mix. Figuring this would take several weeks, we were shocked to see just 2 hours later a puppy that looked like she was a pure breed golden retriever. Needless to say we had to have her. Dixie (what we named her) will turn 10 in just a few days. She is absolutely the best dog we ever had. The only health problem she ever had was a torn acl she sustained this past summer and was fixed perfectly by a local vet. Thanks so much to H2H for providing us with a grest addition to our family.


From: Maureen

We adopted Gabby (now Gracie) in February of 2017. She is a Shepard/Border Collie mix and looks like a small Shepard with a curly tail of a husky. (She might have some husky in her.) I was smitten from the moment I saw her picture on line. I had never heard of Heaven to Earth rescue before. I was pleasantly surprised how nice they were to work with. Gracie is smart as a whip and stays in the yard despite not having any fence. She loves playing fetch and frisbee and will play for hours! She was such a great addition to our family my friend also adopted a puppy a few months later. Her dog is just as awesome as Gracie. Both dogs are healthy and love to play. I would highly recommend this rescue to anyone looking for a furry friend. Now if I could only convince my husband to get another one!

Zeus —> Toby

From: Mercia

We adopted Zeus, now Toby, a little over two weeks ago and we could not be happier. He’s a little bundle of joy and has made an amazing addition to our fur baby family. We are so happy we chose to look at heaven to earth rescue. We had a great experience with our meet and greet with our other dogs and if the time comes again to add another, we will come back to heaven and earth rescue.


From: Christine M Boehm

Cooper has been a wonderful addition to our family. His big brother and him love eachother and get along so nicely!! Thank you so much!