From: Tanya Theobald

We just adopted Hercules and absolutely love him. Perfect fit for us. Heaven to Earth is an awesome resource and they truly care about doggies! Thank you!

Adopted several pups over the years

From: Carla

This is a great organization and Rachel and husband et al are wonderful! Have sat on Boards of shelters and Heaven To Earth goes above and beyond. Have adopted several pups over the years and they have been and are great additions to our pack! Recommend to everyone❤

Wally (Maximus)

From: Izolda

We adopted Wally (formerly Maximus) last October when he was only a few weeks old. He has been in love with our older dog Logan (girl) from day one! They are best friends and love to explore the woods in our back yard together. He is the goofiest, the happiest dog we have ever met! We love him to death even when he makes a mess as he is always there to jump on you and give you a big, slobbery kiss! We are so glad we made the decision to adopt him as he fits perfectly into our loud, rambunctious family! Thank you, Heaven To Earth Rescue for giving us our crazy pupper!


From: Kara

We adopted our dog Nymeria (formerly Mecedes) from Heaven to Earth just over 1 year ago. We had a great experience and now Nymeria is a loving dog and wonderful part of our family. We just returned the other day and adopted Dakota (formerly Peaches). We had another great experience and were able to bring Nymeria along with us to meet the new puppy before bringing her home. Now Dakota is adjusting well and the two girls are becoming fast friends. Thank you Heaven to Earth!

Monte ❤️

From: Nicole

I adopted Monte (formerly Scout) early Nov 2016 and he is the best thing to happen to me! It was my first time in my adult life adopting my own dog since the previous was a family pet. Heaven 2 Earth Rescue was sweet, helpful and took into account my living situation to help me find the perfect pup for me! Now Monte and I live in California where he has learned to swim in the ocean! He has yet to have any health issues since I have adopted him where is was obviously well taken care of before I adopted him at 10 weeks old! Thank you, H2E Rescue!