Sweet Baby Kobe

From: Camme Sharkey

We drove 2 hours from Sandusky to come and see Kobe (was Harley). Ever since we brought him home he has been the best dog we could ask for. Rachel and her husband were extremely nice and made sure we knew everything we needed to know before we brought Kobe home. It was a great shelter to adopt from and we love the new addition to our family.


From: Michael C Simmons

We adopted Toby at 9 weeks , he will be 14 weeks tomorrow. He is a cattle dog mix. Part velocioraptor and shark also. Very smart and is pretty much house trained. Still a puppy and he has some accidents , but on the most part he is a great pup. Crate trained or he will make you crazy. These dogs are great for the outdoors and adapt to pretty much any environment. He is good with our other daschund and male cat. Still a work in progress . The staff at H2E was great. Thanks for saving these awesome dogs.

Best guy ever!

From: Samantha

Thank you so much for everything my little guy I adopted back in Jan is now 6 months old today and he is the best thing to happen to ma! He truly saved my life and I love him so much! Thank you for all you guys did to make this possible!


From: Olivia Cupelli

We got our dog Tucker from HtoE and he is the BEST dog ever!!! He was definitely sent from heaven to us. This is a great organization and has a great mission!

Dakota and Theo

From: Bryan and Ginger Kresak

Heaven to Earth is one of the finest rescue facilities in the state! We rescued Dakota (Zoey) almost nine years ago. As she was getting older, we felt like she needed a friend so we rescued Theo ( I forgot his rescue name - LOL!) a little over a year ago. Challenging at first, they have become best buddies! I am pretty certain that when Dakota moves on to doggy heaven, Theo will miss his buddy so we will be in to find him another one! Heaven to Earth provides these puppies a loving home until they are adopted. I cannot say enough good things about Heaven to Earth!!