rescue puppy

From: Mary

We got our dog Sheba (was named Gracie) from Heaven to Earth in 2007 (long time ago I know), at the time she was a 4 month old. We still have her today!!!! Still going strong, energetic and playful as ever at 11.5 years!! The nicest dog you will ever meet.

Trooper 9/15/18

From: Danielle and Chris Grass

We cannot say enough good things, so far, about our experience with Heaven to Earth Rescue. The process of choosing our new family member, reserving him and picking him up to join us was wonderful. Our little boy Trooper is one of a kind and we are grateful to have him in our lives and look forward to the future with him. Thank you Heaven to Earth for taking great care of our baby before we got to love him!

Copper - the best dog ever

From: Kathleen Duffy

I adopted Copper from this rescue about 9 years ago. He passed away a month ago, and I, along with the rest of my family, miss him dearly. We feel so blessed to have had such an amazing best friend who clearly came from such a loving organization. He had the most lovely disposition — friendly, a true guardian, gentle, sweet, and a little feisty. Just a dream. Thank you for giving me the dog who grew up at my side! I know when I am ready, I will come back to your rescue again.

Stella (formerly Savannah)

From: Paige Warhola

This place was amazing! We made an appointment to visit Savannah and the house was so clean and offered a lot of different toys collars and leashes. She got Savannah and put us in the room with her. She informed us about everything we needed to know about her and how to take care of a puppy. We brought Savannah home and renamed her Stella. She must’ve been crate trained at the foster home because she LOVES her crate and walks right in. She’s a perfect addition to our family and is already potty trained after only one month with her. The adoption process is so easy and the pups are great! Highly recommend!!!


From: Cathy Troup

My husband and I adopted Delila 3 weeks ago from Heaven Earth Rescue. We call her Angel now. We are so pleased with her. Angel is so smart.