From: Kari Sullivan

Gunner is our third rescue from Heaven to earth. When we lost our 8 year old Shepherd mix ( which we got from here) in November of 2016 we knew we would not go anywhere else when we were ready for another puppy. We watched and waited for the right the right one to pop up and when he did we jumped at the chance to get our Gunner. He is a wheaten terrier mix and the goofiest puppy we have ever had. He keeps us laughing all the time. I highly recommend H2E and tell everyone how awesome they are to work with! Our Schnauzer mix Daisy is 7 years old (also from here) and is adjusting very well to her new little brother. We look forward to many years with our new little guy. Thank you h2e for always being great to work with when we are looking for our new editions.

My new pup "Bandit"

From: Mark Hazen

I adopted Bandit (formerly Harley) about 5 weeks ago. Bandit is one great pup. He has really adapted well to his new home and loves his large fenced in yard. Bandit is a Border Collie / Lab/ Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He has a ton of energy and really learns fast. I am doing some one-on-one puppy training with a professional trainer. She is amazed at how quick he picks up on new commands and how focused he is for a small puppy. He is a great addition to my home and everyone that meets him absolutely loves him. My sister recommended your rescue group to me and I am so glad she did. Once again...thanks for doing such a great job!


From: Bernadette Hultz

Just wanted to write to you to let you know how Tank is doing. He is very happy and smart. He is growing by leaps and bounds. Tank annoys his big brother but they are adjusting. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring him into our family.

Great experience adding our new family member

From: Niki Aldrich

Such a great experience. We adopted Jackson (Now Zeke Jackson) in Oct. 2016. Zeke is very happy, healthy, energetic, loving, attentive addition to our family. We are an outdoors kind of family so this breed of dog (border, Australian, cattle mix) is just perfect for us. The experience with Heaven to Earth Rescue was great. The facility we picked Zeke up from was very clean and you can tell that they genuinely care about the placement of these puppies. I went to 3 different rescues in my area and was very disappointed, I felt like I needed to save the dogs from the foster home. Not the case with this group, well worth the 6 hour round trip ride. I would highly recommend Heaven to Earth Rescue and am fighting my urge to go look at that puppy tab to find a play mate for Zeke. Thank you Heaven to Earth Rescue!

Perfect addition

From: Audrea Ondrejovich

We got Hershey (now duke) December 26 2016 he has been a blessing to our family ever since. He was 10 weeks old when we received him , very healthy and well taken care of. I am so glad we waited and searched for the perfect dog for our family. Thank you so much heaven to earth for saving duke and giving us the chance to complete our family !