Stella (formerly Minnie)

From: Anthony

I adopted Stella from Heaven to Earth rescue and I could not be happier with my new best friend! She is such a good puppy and I believe a lot of that is due to her time spent with her foster. Changed my life for the better!



MY husband and I adopted a sweet little puppy from you 4 weeks ago. She is the sweetest and best behaved puppy we have ever had. So smart and a joy to have with us. Thanks for making her available to us, you guys do a great job!


From: darlene parina

hi , my name is darlene. we just adopted hannah from heaven to earth. just wanted to post this. she is the sweetest, most loveable pup i have ever met. our handler, rachel, took the upmost care to make sure that she was a perfect fit to us. i was very impressed at the care that is given to all the animals that are rescued. they are very careful not to get them sick and to make sure they have no health issues before you even get your precious package.. i will recommend this organization to everyone. thank you all for the love and care you gave our puppy before we got her. her name is now missy .

Thank you-Diesel fits in perfectly!

From: Holly

Highly recommend “Heaven to Earth” to adopt your beloved companion – love their mission. Just wanted to let you know how Diesels doing (adopted June 17th). We couldn’t be happier with our family’s newest addition. The moment I saw the pic of Diesel, I felt he be a perfect match. As it turns out, it was…he has adjusted to his new home quickly. He is a handsome boy with all his markings and a quick learner. He loves to hide his treats, then hours later see him go for it, is amazing. He’s getting used to going for car rides. He has adjusted to papa and nana’s house and the pool. But most importantly, he loves being picked up and snuggled. I know it won’t be long before I can’t lift him so I am enjoying this time cradling him like a baby. This successful adoption is just one of thousands of examples of how shelters across the nation, and around the world, help animals every day. Thank you-Heaven to Earth-for all you do for the surrender homeless puppies and spreading the word about spay/neutering.

Mya & Zoey

From: Courtney

We adopted our 1st girl Mya almost 3 years ago! She is perfect! Heaven to Earth was very thorough with the application process which we were very happy about, it makes us feel as if the pups all go to good homes! About 8 months ago we adopted our 2nd baby, Zoey! They’re both perfect and they love each other very much! I know that whenever it’s time for another addition, we’ll be back!