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From Heaven to Earth is a 501c3 rescue that wants to save as many adoptable puppies as possible, proactively. Most of our puppies come from Amish, Farmers, and other families that have not gotten their pets spay/neutered. Many people still hold to the idea that spay/neuter takes the "work" out of the dog, others avoid it for religious reasons. This will sometimes attract people that use the puppies for negative things such as dog fights, etc.


For more information on Kabbalah please visit www.kabbalah.com

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Our New Baby, Moose (AKA Hersey)

We adopted our baby 3 wks ago at the age of 13 wks. Moose is now 16 wks and a big part of the family!! He adores his big brother Bear , whom we adopted 4 years ago. Everyone at Heaven to Earth Resuce has been so lovely and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended adopting from this rescue group. All animals are healthy, and alert and so sweet n well taken care of.